Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor | Book Review

I recently had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of a Ten Ways to Kill A Pastor. I loved it! Reverend Christopher Thoma does a profound job of getting to the heart of the pain that pastors can, and do experience. His stories are easy to consume, but hard to digest as the reality of what can, and sadly does, occur in the ministry is heartbreaking. It’s a privilege to have my reaction to this work printed on its back cover:

A defibrillator that delivers a therapeutic jolt straight to the Christian heart!

IMG_8663It truly is! This book brings to life the real hurts experienced by pastors and their families. It’s a great resource that opens for parishioners a perspective that perhaps they’ve never considered, enabling them to serve their pastor, which in turn will enable him to best serve them – in joy and not with groaning (Hebrews 13:17).