Imagination Redeemed | Book Review

What if Adam Malloy had a Christian imagination? That’s the question that popped into my head as I neared the end of Imagination Redeemed by Gene Edward Veith Jr. and Matthew P. Ristuccia. Adam, one of the main characters in The Gift and the Defender is gifted with the special power to change the world with his mind. All he has to do is imagine the change and it becomes reality. He makes a lot of mistakes wielding his imagination, precisely because it was forged by the ways of the world instead of by the Word of God.

Adam is a super-powered expression of the reality that ideas have consequences. I for one don’t want to make the mistakes Adam did, I want to harden the steel of my Christian imagination. That’s why I read Imagination Redeemed, to sharpen my understanding of the powerful instrument God gave me

It’s a great book! I’d recommend it to anyone. It’ll strengthen your understanding of the human mind and reveal just how much you use your imagination.

The book is a blessing. It lays out the uses and powers of imagination and provides exercises that readers can do to temper their Christian imagination. Given my efforts to find the truth in story, I found chapter five’s section on Reading through a Worldview extremely interesting. What’s more, not only does this little yellow jewel deliver the goods on an intriguing topic, it doubles as a study resource for the book of Ezekiel.

Actually Ristuccia’s presentation of Ezekiel’s visions caused another question to pop into my mind as I neared the conclusion. Do I shelve it with my other Veith books or with my commentaries? With the Veith collection, of course, but I will be referencing it the next time I’m in Ezekiel.

Five stars, friends!


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