Johnny Scribble

Johnny Scribble is my brain child from back in 2011. Yeah, my thoughts are about as simple as the cartoons! As a creative genius, I developed Johnny in a matter of minutes by scribbling the simplest human form I could come up with on my iPad with my index finger. If I could do it once assuredly I could do it again, and then again, and then…you get the idea. Presto! Johnny Scribble came to life. That’s about all there is to this little superhero-secret agent-ninja-dude’s animations.

My current involvement with Johnny has been focused on expressing myself through comic strips. While some of the early strips were purely for fun, addressing light-hearted topics, the more recent strips have allowed me to speak on more serious issues related to cultural behaviors and social and political concerns.

You can visit for the full (historic) experience or simply click the following links see an archive of Johnny Scribble related art.


Comic Strips



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