Reverend Raconteur


adj. | (rev·er·end) | \ ˈrev-rənd , ˈre-və- ; ˈre-vərnd \
a) of or relating to the clergy
b) being a member of the clergy used as a title
Middle English, from Old French, from Latin reverendus


n. | (ra·con·teur) | \ ˌra-ˌkän-ˈtər , -kən- \
one who tells stories or anecdotes with skill and wit
French from raconterto relatefrom Old French


Raconteur Rev logoUpside down and backward, just like the Gospel.

Reverend Raconteur is Tyrel Bramwell. Before he went to school to be a pastor, he remembers teaching a Sunday School class where one of the kids asked, “If you could be anything, what would you be?”  Tyrel said, “A pastor.”
“If not a pastor, then what?” was the next question. To which Tyrel replied, “An author.”

Today Rev. Bramwell is both!