A goal to see all 5998 Lutheran Church Missouri Synod congregations.

What, really?

Really. I know, I know. It sounds crazy. Just ask Andy and Sarah on The Coffee Hour. They think so, too. It’s a big goal. But we need big goals, don’t we? We stand on the shoulders of those who set out to achieve big goals. Big goals are inspiring and when they’re carried out for a good reason, they inspire all the more. And that’s why I’m vlogging each visit on YouTube and posting pics from my trips on Instagram. I hope you’re crazy enough to join me.

But why?

The visible church (not the invisible church) in America has been in decline for years. 2020 saw our churches empty all at once and some of them will struggle to ever see sinners sit in their pews again. That seems like reason enough. But there is more. I see a lot of effort being spent on improving virtual church services and online resources, as if the internet is the new regular place for Christians to gather. I, too, want to improve my online visual communication skills, but I also want to offer a gentle and engaging reminder that the Church is physical, made up of real people in real locations living in real contexts with real histories. What is presented online should support the physical gathering of God’s people.

How are you going to do this?

I’ll be traveling however and whenever I can to accomplish this goal. Thankfully, I’m located in the midwest where there are plenty of LCMS churches within driving distance. Also, my job as an admission counselor at Concordia Theological Seminary allows me the opportunity to travel to different parts of the country. I will make time to see local churches whenever I travel. Beyond that, we’re going to have to travel specifically to #SeeTheSynod. Are you with me?

I really like your idea here, because it focuses on the local places where “grace” (the Gospel, preaching, baptism, communion, absolution) happens every week. I’ll look forward to this and spread the news!

Martin Noland via YouTube

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