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The World of the Wazzlewoods

What in the world is a wazzlewood? Fern and Dale find out when they move to Cream City and discover a magical world full of adventure. Join them as they make new friends, encounter enemies, and learn to see things, not as they seem to be, but as they are. The World of the Wazzlewoods is a children’s chapter book, ideal for lower grades (2nd-4th) and fun for the whole family as a read aloud. Illustrated by Edward Riojas. Book 1 of the Fern & Dale Fairy Tale series.



The Bird Battle of Artisan Alley: A Fern & Dale Fairy Tale

Join Fern and Dale on their second adventure as they learn more about Cream City’s magic, make more friends, and race to save one of them from even more enemies than before. Your imagination can take you anywhere your mind’s eye can see. Will you go to Artisan Alley?



The Ethereal Land of Heavenward Stairs

A polemical picture book for God’s grown-up children! No matter how entertaining climbing a heavenward staircase may sound, we cannot climb our way to heaven. This little picture book for adult brains critiques the erroneous traditions of men while offering the revelation of Christ-crucified, handed down by the apostles, as the proper alternative.



Come in, We Are Closed

Many evangelicals are unfamiliar with it, don’t understand it, and are often offended when they encounter it, but when it comes to the Lord’s Supper the Scriptures clearly teach that Holy Communion is not for anybody and everybody. In this short work of fiction Rev. Tyrel Bramwell recalls the questions he had when he first encountered closed Communion as a young evangelical and the conversations he has had as a pastor, in order to dispel false assumptions and provide the Biblical answers to real misunderstandings.


Also available at discounted rates in bundles of 10, 50, & 100


Finding the Truth in Story: Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Vol. I

“Whatever things were rightly said among all men, are the property of us Christians.” —Justin Martyr. Finding the Truth in Story is an effort to find some of what has been rightly said among men and, through a Christian reading, return the property to its rightful owner. In this first volume, Tyrel Bramwell finds the Truth of God’s Word in twenty-five Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales, including classics such as The Frog King, Tom Thumb, and Cinderella.



The Gift and the Defender

Two Men. Two Times. One Lumen Legend. With a head full of dreams, Adam Malloy, a young man from a small town, moves to New York City. There he discovers he has a remarkable gift: the ability to change the world with his mind. But is he capable of reshaping reality without turning his gift into a curse? In the final days of a bloody war with the Malum, Michaelis, a Lumen villager, shows he has what his land desperately needs: courage. His service to the king puts him at the center of a changing world. Is it too much to rely on one man?