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Kids Long for Tradition

My daughter is fourteen and there is something she has always wanted to do. What? Help my wife prepare the Thanksgiving turkey. For some reason, which none of us can remember, she never ended up lending a hand in the kitchen on the big day. We haven’t had many Thanksgiving meals at our house and if memory serves me, the year she expressed interest in cooking the bird was the last year we stayed home for the feast. After that year we traveled to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, alternating between my parents and my wife’s to celebrate the national day of thanks with our extended family. Earlier this year, as we were discussing our November travel plans, my daughter expressed that she’s always wanted to help her mom prepare the turkey for Thanksgiving. We’ve already traveled a lot this year so we decided that we would stay home. It’s an opportunity to give my daughter a part of the Thanksgiving tradition for which she has longed. This little episode reminded me of a truth that …

Kramer Chapel Instruction Manual

I’ve uploaded a PDF of my Kramer Chapel instruction manual (click the link below) so that all ya’ll LEGO/Concordia Theological Seminary/architecture enthusiasts can build your very own custom churchly office decor. One thing though, you’re on your own when it comes to acquiring the LEGO bricks necessary for this build. When I was selling these kits I purchased bricks from both’s Pick a Brick store and Ebay is also a useful resource. I recommend buying only new bricks, you know, ’cause no one wants a dirty and dingy desktop Kramer Chapel made from used pieces. But, of course, it’s your call. Hey, you might even already have all the pieces necessary. So download the manual and get busy constructing your very own Eero Saarinen masterpiece.  I hope you have as much fun building your Kramer Chapel as I had designing it. 🙂 Kramer Chapel Instruction Manual