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Ember Falls | Book Review

Kids of all ages will enjoy this book. In the time between finishing Ember Falls and writing this brief review — a couple weeks — my 11 year old daughter read all three of S.D. Smith‘s books about rabbits with swords. The family was talking about the books over lunch the day she finished Ember Falls. My son commented that his sister read it super fast. She replied with a strong explanation: “It’s a good book!” Yes, it is. Story Warren published another fine children’s book. It’s an excellent follow-up to The Green Ember. Heather and Picket’s story not only continues, but escalates and expands. Relationships are enriched, new dangers and dark times are faced, all the while the characters grow in a delightful way. I was especially pleased with Picket’s development. So was my daughter, however, Heather is her favorite character. Your kids will love the adventure. You will, too. I did.

Does Dr. Strange Villainize the Truth? | Movie Review

I’m a Marvel fanboy, through and through. Like many thirty-somethings I enjoy watching my childhood reading material come to life on the big screen, and I love sharing the stories with my kids. We’re a Marvel family for sure. Now that I’ve established my loyalty to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, er… multiverse?… let me say, in the interest of full disclosure, that I’m not a Dr. Strange fan. I never liked the comics or the characters. You might say that my Evangelical roots left me disinterested in a superhero fighting evil with, well, evil — magic spells and goat-head hands. Who needs strange stuff like that when there’s Spider-Man? Really. Ok, so now you have a handle on my presuppositions. Oh, wait. There’s one more vital piece of information that you need to know: I’m a Lutheran pastor. Though I grew up as a fundie, I’ve repented of my pietistic tendencies and find peace and joy living in the feeedom of the Gospel. There you go, now you have all the pieces at play in this post, …