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Mondays at 2 PM (CST) on KFUO.org

Equipping the mind, exciting the imagination, and comforting the soul… all with God’s Word

Scripture’s Figures of Speech Cross Defense from KFUO Radio

Do you know what a synecdoche is? How about a metonymy? Rev. Sam Schuldheisz joins Pr. Bramwell for the entire show to not only talk about the performative power of God’s Word, but also to discuss some of the figures of speech we find in the Bible.  Host Rev. Tyrel Bramwell, Admission Counselor at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and author of the book Come in, We are Closed, talks about curious topics to excite the imagination, equip the mind, and comfort the soul with God’s ordering of the world in the Law and Gospel. Send him your questions on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @tyrelbramwell, or at tyrelbramwell.com. You can find his videos at youtube.com/c/tyrelbramwell.


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